Creating a feel-good weekend...

Well, what an active weekend I have had, and how energised and bright I feel as a result of it… although I have to admit I’m now lying out on the sofa (but only because I have earned it!).

Friday evening started with a taster session for Clubbercise, put on by Mary-Ella, to kick-start her new class in Kidlington.  It was a brilliant evening, which raised lots of money for the John Radcliffe Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, and gave everyone an idea of how much fun you can have at Clubbercise.  I have been along to another Clubbercise club so knew what to expect, but had forgotten how much I had missed out and I am so pleased that it will be coming to Kidlington from the 18th March!  Talk about exhilarating; a great, fun and active way to spend your Friday evening – far more ‘upbeat’ than my usual lying on the sofa and falling asleep.  And I even won a raffle prize – the first time ever in my life!  I have to admit they were chocolates, and I did have a sneaky few (out of sight of the children, standing in the utility room with the door shut though… I had earned the right!).

I have Ella to thank because this shaped my weekend ahead, feeling bright and energised on Saturday morning (rather than my usual sluggish form), I went for a five mile run, took a different route to the norm and ran through fields and along the river.  As I ran along, I felt a rush of exhilaration and felt totally free from everything and ready for a full-on hateful food shop in the afternoon… complete with children and husband.  As I paused for thought (and to catch my breath) in between the food aisles, I did wonder what was more exhausting: the run or the shop?  Those of you who have children will no doubt agree the food shop wins hands down –  Saturday afternoon; what were we thinking?… Never again!

Sunday was a beautiful morning – the sky so blue it looked like it had been photoshopped – and so getting out and about with the children was definitely on the cards.  With wellies, layers and coats on, off we set… more exercise (I was concerned maybe I was over doing it?!).  With crocuses and daffodils around every corner we took, spring is definitely on its way.

So, as I said, I am now lying down on the sofa, I’m feeling happy and content as my endorphins have reached super high levels this weekend, due to lots of exercise.  I’ve also treated myself to the odd glass of wine, eaten well (with a few chocolates thrown in!) and enjoyed some quality time with my family.  To put it simply, a perfect weekend!

Amy Sollis