Skill School Academies

We have developed a unique programme to develop the young aspiring footballer, individually and as part of a unit and team. As part of our football coaching, we always use the latest coaching methods and session structures.


Suitable for ages 6 & 7, 8 & 9, and 10 & 11. The academy will provide:

  • High quality weekly football coaching sessions from professional coaches
  • UEFA  A & B license expertise and age-specific specialism
  • Performance feedback and action planning
  • A developmental scheme of work designed to produce creative, technical players ready for the requirements of the future game
  • Creative coaching sessions
  • Membership club providing weekly Top Tips and consolidation as well as latest information
  • Membership kit
  • Day camps
  • Matches on a monthly basis against high quality opposition
  • Allows you to develop whilst playing for your clubs – we are here to assist all clubs and coaches by working with their players



All of our School Football Academy sessions include the following components:

  • Ball-work warm-up
  • Individual work
  • Small group work
  • Skill practices
  • Match play - free play
  • Match play - structured
Phase 1-8 sessions

Individual development programme: Technical - ball manipulation, symmetry, control using different surfaces of foot, control using different surfaces of body, dribbling, dribbling moves, turning, turning techniques, running with the ball.

Phase 2-8 sessions
  • Movement literacy, co-ordination practices, balance, body shape
  • Principles of play - attacking passing long, short, to feet, to space, retain possession, penetration, support play, forward runs without the ball
Phase 3-8 sessions

Principles of defending individual 1v1 facing/facing away, deny, delay, cover & support. Intercepting/screening and defending outnumbered, whole team defending, angles/distances & body shape.

Phase 4 Individual Development

Finishing, heading defensive and attacking, creating overloads, decision-making.

Phase 5 Developing Team Play

Switching play, strategies, roles and responsibilities, playing through thirds, decision-making.